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  • Joan Didion - now there's an inspiring woman

    Sometimes a woman comes along who can see through walls, observe the tics and nuances of society, can lay open love and hypocrisy and grief and all the mess and magic of life.
  • Supporting Women's Refuge

    Nothing is in isolation. Everything is connected. Your support of NatFem has helped me donate $300 to Women’s Refuge today.


  • I’m a woman in my 50s. It’s about being brave, not accepted

      There’s been a bit of a ‘to-do’ in the media over the past few weeks and it’s about the reboot of the programme “Sex and the City”, which in its...
  • Glycerin – from slippy, to sticky, to icky

    Vagina a bit dry? Standard practice has to reach for a personal lubricant to bring the slippy back into ‘play’. Let's look at the dark side of personal lubricants that contain glycerin and the impact on menopausal vajayjays.
  • A fabulous therapy for stressed menopaual women!

    Can you believe another week has flown by already? Where do they go!? When we get to the point in life where we are needing things like NatFem bal...
  • Making peace with Menopause

    How menopause can help heal the 'what if's' and maybe's.
  • Let's talk about sex and vaginal dryness.

    There is more to the problem of vaginal dryness than just physiology, it can have a profound impact on our intimate partners as well. And that is really hard to talk about..
  • Nettle is a powerhouse of goodness

    Who knew that nettles could be such friends to our menopausal system?
  • How to apply NatFem Balm

    Wondering how to apply NatFem Balm? Here are my top tips!

  • Helping Babies' Bits too!

    Check out the latest NatFem video - and its all about how this balm can help mums and babies and their delicate bits too!

  • Notes on NZ and International orders

    Tips for quick and efficient delivery from me to you, wherever you are.
  • Not Sure how to work the Discount Code?

    Technology! Drives you nuts doesn't it!? Here's a HOW TO for using the discount code for your first order of NatFem.