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The In's and Out's of applying
NatFem Balm

I get a few questions about how best to apply NatFem Balm and I thought that it would be fun to make a video explaining how to use it. There really is no elegant way to talk about applying a balm to (as one customer calls it) 'the family china'.... but we can have a bit of a giggle while dealing with an uncomfortable issue that affects nearly 50% of women going through menopause.

NatFem Balm

  • 100% Natural. Carefully formulated from beautiful healing herbs, oils and beeswax to help soothe and repair your delicate bits.
  • Gentle enough to use every day. Natfem is beautiful and soothing and can be used for daily comfort, or just for special moments.
  • Made by a woman for women. OK. So while this may sound a bit corny when you first read it, think about it. Who better to develop and formulate a natural product to help women as they deal with menopause...than a woman who has recently gone through menopause and  knows a thing or two about the ways nature can help us through this!?

What women say

Finding it great . I have recommended it to others. A great product.


I have only been using the balm for a week and already I have felt much relief🤗 So happy with your product!!


I'm in love with this balm!  This balm was made in heaven! It relieves dryness within, as well as of the surrounding skin. I recommend this highly.