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OK so the reality is that none of us really want to be the friend who starts talking about their vagina when the girls get together!

But hey, stuff happens to it and in the few years that I've been making NatFem products, I've been really glad that women have felt they could ask me questions about bits.

I've jumped online to create this webinar for you. In doing it means you can get to know me a bit and get to know the products I make and the issues they help with a whole lot more. 

 Click this link to access the webinar

I explain:

  • what the balm, oil and drops are made from
  • how to use these products
  • I answer a bunch of questions about vaginal stuff
  • and I give you a code for free shipping on your next order anywhere in NZ 

The webinar is 33 minutes long. I hope you enjoy it. It was fun making it :-)
Georgina xx

 Click this link to access the webinar



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