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Helping Babies' Bits too!

NatFem has that magic combination of being really gentle and soothing, but oh so effective!

And that's what makes it great for all sorts of uses on all sorts of bits. Increasingly I am noticing that people are also buying this balm for nappy rash. Fabulous!

An advantage of this balm is that is does NOT contain any essentials oils - I chose not to use them on purpose as they can be a bit strong for delicate bits. And this I think is especially reassuring for mums of babies and toddlers who need a bit of relief from nappy rash and other bits and bobs.

All the magic of the balm comes from the beneficial properties extracted from herbs, and to do this I use traditional processes that women have been using over millennia. 

Customers have also sent emails saying how it has helped their stretch marks and also their bits post partum.

Neat eh! Mum and Baby cared for in one pot of goodness that has been lovingly handcrafted in Hawke's Bay.

Check out my message about it below and if you know someone who would like this do please pass this blog on to them. Or perhaps buy a pot as a gift :-)

Georgina x

"I've just ordered three more pots so I have some more for me, and so I can give some to my daughter for her little one's bottom!" - Anne.

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