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Not Sure how to work the Discount Code?


Not sure how to use the discount code for your first order? Here's how it works.

When you go onto the site, after a few seconds a thing will pop up on the screen and will say, sign up to the newsletter for 10% off your first order.
Pop your email into the white box it shows you and press enter and then it will come up with the code, which will start with MYBITS...
Copy the code. You will also see it on a bar at the top of the page for you to copy (until you get to the checkout area).
Then when you go through checkout paste it into the discount code box in checkout. Here is the checkout screen and the box to put the code in:
Paste it in so it looks like this (your code will have different digits after MYBITS):
And then Press APPLY. It will apply the code and you will see the discount showing like this:
I hope this helps! Oh and if your order is valued at over $60 - you will also get FREE SHIIPPING! 

Georgina xx

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