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NatFem Balm is handcrafted in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand by a small artisan company called Archeus.

Established in 2013, Archeus has gained international recognition for creating products with the things it loves: natural ingredients and centuries of herbal wisdom.

Back in 2016 an Archeus customer asked founder, formulator and maker, Georgina Langdale if there was any chance that she could make something for dry and uncomfortable ‘lady bits’.

There are two things Georgina loves: a challenge and helping people and so she set to work developing NatFem balm.

Originally it was called Naturally Feminine Balm, but that all got to be a bit of a mouthful and so now it is simply called NatFem – super soothing balm for delicate bits.

These days Archeus just focuses on making NatFem balm and oil, and a range of flower remedies, which are a beautiful way of nature supporting you through emotional ups and downs.

Georgina’s new venture is the Centre for Nature Connection which offers workshops, online course, coaching and consulting, plus the Archeus flower remedies.