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Caring comes naturally

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Our Founder - Georgina Langdale

“The healing power of Nature can help us of us in so many ways”

Establishing a natural products business, Archeus, way back in 2013 was the beginning of a great journey and adventure for Georgina Langdale.

She'd returned to New Zealand after many years living and working in Europe which had included things like working with the United Nations. But training in things like herbalism was her private passion. 

Coming back to New Zealand was the opportunity fo her to create something that would help people with their health and wellbeing, and in turn be good for the environment too.

And so that was the beginning of Archeus.

Meeting the needs of customers

Using her training as a herbalist Georgina went on to create a whole range of natural skin products, some of which have won recognition in international awards.

Back in 2016 an Archeus customer asked founder, formulator and maker, Georgina Langdale if there was any chance that she could make something for dry and uncomfortable ‘lady bits’.

There are two things Georgina loves: a challenge and helping people and so she set to work developing NatFem balm. Originally it was called Naturally Feminine Balm, but that all got to be a bit of a mouthful and so now it is simply called NatFem – super soothing balm for delicate bits.

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Helping others through the tough stuff

Georgina has always been passionate about sharing knowledge of the ways we can work with the healing power of nature (here she is giving a talk with the wonderful chef Nici Wickes at a F.A.W.C. event in Hawke's Bay). 

When not working on NatFem, Georgina is busy helping people through her other enterprise The Centre for Nature Connection, where she offers one-on-one coaching, online and in-person courses and plant essences to help people navigate life with compassion and soul.

The other day someone called her, "The Transition Lady" because she is always turning up helping people in some of life's difficult changes.

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Made in New Zealand

In the beautiful Hawke's Bay region.

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Made for women by women

Having been through menopause, we know a bit about some of the symptoms that can arise!

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Supports conservation

We make donations to plant conservation activities here in Hawke's Bay

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